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    The alternatives are to drill new wells or do nothing and hope for the best. Contractors are using techniques that utilize both mechanical and chemical methods to rehabilitate water wells. Rehabilitation is recommended if the well yield, efficiency or specific capacity declines by more than 25 percent, but due to the cost of these procedures, well rehabilitation often is initiated only when well yields decline by 50 percent to 75 percent. The controlled injection of liquified and gaseous Carbon Dioxide is introduced into the well under confined conditions to remove mineral incrustation ( iron, manganese and calcium), as well as iron related, sulfate reducing and slime forming bacteria and physical plugging from. Încheietura mâinii reglabile b well rehab w 244. Combining chemical and mechanical methods is an option that is more ef- fective than using either method alone. Eddie, from the example above, is just one of many success stories in the culture of well rehab. With use and age the productivity of water wells typically deteriorates. Why Well Rehabilitation Makes Good Sense.
    Well rehabilitation is periodically required during the life of a well, as groundwater contains bacteria and minerals which cause well plugging. Screens, gravel pack and formations may become blocked, reducing the capacity and efficiency of the well. The Value of Water Well Rehabilitation Expert Discusses Diagnosing Problems, Tools Available to Fix Issues By Alexis Brumm ( Continued on Page 12) water becomes available. Physical Displacement Surging with overpumping is a common well rehabilitation procedure. Well rehabilitation is the process of restoring a well to its most efficient condition by use of mechanical and chemical means. Comparison of Well Water Rehabilitation Methods.

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