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    Tratament ligament sacrale. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect bones. Research / Sacroiliac Ligaments; Updated Regularly. The PCL - - similar to the anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL) - - connects. The posterior cruciate ligament ( PCL) is a ligament within the knee. Sacrospinous Ligament: - Prevents excess posterior movement of the sacral apex ( nutation) [ 6].

    Uterosacral ligament ( in white color) connect between the sacrum and uterus. Uterosacral ligament a part of the thickening of the visceral pelvic fascia beside the cervix and vagina; called also Petit' s ligament. - Some authors [ 5] p176 [ 1] p62 consider the interosseous ligament to be part of the posterior sacroiliac ligaments. I had an SIJ injection last Monday. The sacrotuberous ligament is an essential bridge between the upper and lower body. Dec 14, · Re: Tear in sacroiliac ligament? I know that I probably abuse the category of “ most important part of the body”, but the sacrotuberous ligament is worthy of inclusion in the club. Ventricular ligament vestibular ligament. Vesicouterine ligament a ligament that extends from the anterior aspect of the uterus to the bladder. It is flat, and triangular in form; narrower in the middle than at the ends. The injection was supposed to serve two purposes; to relieve the inflammation and take the pain away ( for a short, or a lengthy period of time) ; and if it did, it would be an indication of a. The sacrotuberous ligament ( great or posterior sacrosciatic ligament) is situated at the lower and back part of the pelvis.

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